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:Huawei Balong 5000 Supports China Unicom in its First 5G Service Application Verification

大同彩票官网 www.wvpdc.icu Huawei and China Unicom (Beijing) completed the first 5G E2E service verification by using Balong 5000. All devices used for the verification in the core network, bearer network, and wireless base stations are running on the live network of China Unicom (Beijing). Balong 5000, the latest industry-leading 5G chipset released by Huawei on January 24, played a significant role in the verification. Based on the ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and ultra-reliable 5G networks of China Unicom, Balong 5000 can hit an uplink rate of 2.5 Gbit/s theoretically, offering better support for ultra-broadband mobile experiences such as VR live broadcast. This first successful verification of live-network applications based on Balong 5000 marks a major breakthrough in key 5G components, ensuring the development and layout of the 5G industry in Beijing.

Balong 5000 is a benchmark 5G multi-mode chipset designed for terminal devices. In the early stage of 5G commercialization, data exchange between different modes is highly required. Distinguished from the 5G chipsets that support only 5G connection, Balong 5000 comes with a small form factor and supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks on a single chip. The chipset offers reduced latency and power consumption when exchanging data between different modes and enhanced user experience in the early phases of commercial 5G. In either SA or NSA networking mode, Balong 5000 delivers superb 5G network connection to end users. It even promises peak download rates of 4.6 Gbit/s on sub-6 GHz frequencies and 6.5 Gbit/s on millimeter wave, 10 times faster than top 4G LTE rates. The chipset is the first in the world to support sub-6 GHz 100 MHz x 2CC bandwidth, fully harnessing operators' spectrum resources. Balong 5000 supports NR TDD and FDD full spectrum for the first time in the industry, helping operators effectively utilize frequency band resources and bringing more stable mobile connection experience to end users.

Balong 5000 supports a broad range of 5G products, including smartphones, home broadband devices, vehicle-mounted devices and 5G modules. It is surely to bring excellent 5G experience to consumers in more scenarios. The successful verification has accelerated the maturity of 5G E2E ecosystem, including 5G device chipsets, and laid a solid foundation for the rapid launch and application of 5G devices, making the world more connected.


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