Panorama Stitching Technology

Photographed by Hi3559A

HiSilicon Panorama Stitching Technology

Up to 8-Channel input | 720o Stitching & Rotation | 8K output


·Quad Core [email protected][email protected]

·[email protected] + [email protected] H.265 Main10 Codec

·2chn/4chn/6chn Stitching

·HDR10/14bit ISP pipeline

·Advanced Smart Vision Platform

·PCI-e 2.0+USB3.0 High-Speed Storage


4K 360° Panorama Camera Prototype with Hisilicon’s Chipset and RICOH’s Optical Modules

HiSilicon developed 4K 360-degrees panorama camera prototype using Hisilicon MobileCam professional chipset. This prototype is remake of RICOH R DK(RICOH provided optical modules) and exhibited at CES 2018.

Hi3559A’s Neural Network Inference Engine drives the development of Multi-Object Categorization and Identi?cation System

In recent years, AI has become to be the most popular topic not only in the industry but also in our daily lives. How best to utilize the power of AI to transform what we do. HiSilicon’s newly announced Hi3559A, is the first step in utilizing the power of AI, for vision capture applications.

HiSilicon CPSE2017 | 8K Seeing is Believing

HiSilicon CPSE2017 | 8K Seeing is Believing

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